"How much food stamps does a family of 4 get in Texas"

How much in food stamps does a family of 4 get in Texas? Also, how much can a family of 4 make to qualify for Texas SNAP in 2022? In this post, we will answer these two questions, providing a detailed, step-by-step process to help you calculate Texas SNAP for a family of 4.

"Texas SNAP for a family of 4"

This post will cover:

  • Texas Food Stamps for a Family of 4
  • How to Apply for Texas SNAP
  • Texas SNAP Application FAQs

Texas Food Stamps for a Family of 4

To calculate Texas Food Stamps for a Family of 4, you have to go through 3 steps:

In step 1, we will review eligibility for Texas Food Stamps.

Next, we will walk you through the income limit and how to arrive at your Net Income amount, which will be used to calculate how much your household will get in benefits.

Lastly, we will help you calculate how much your household will get in Texas Food Stamps based on your net income calculations in step 2.

Note that these are estimated benefits. To find out exactly how much you will receive in benefits, you will have to apply.

For help in applying for Texas SNAP, click here.

Otherwise, continue reading to see how much a family of 4 will receive in Texas SNAP benefits in Texas.

Step 1 – Check Eligibility Requirements for Texas SNAP

Generally, you may be eligible for Texas SNAP benefits if you:

  • Receive CalWORKS or General Relief
  • Have low-income or no income
  • Have limited property
  • Are a U.S. Citizen or a legal resident
  • Are an immigrant that meet certain criteria
  • Receive Supplemental Security Income/State Supplementary Payment (SSI/SSP)

You may be eligible even if you:

  • Own a car
  • Own a home
  • Have a job
  • Do not have a permanent home or are unhoused (people without homes can often get benefits within three days)
  • Are an individual or have a family
  • Are a veteran
  • Go to school – Are a student (there are special rules for students)
  • Are an immigrant – (there are special guidelines for immigrants)

Step 2 – How much can a family of 4 make to qualify for Texas SNAP?

The most important eligibility requirement for Texas SNAPis the income limit.

The Texas SNAP program has two income tests: gross and net monthly income limits.

However, it is important to note that Texas SNAP rules exclude some money from being counted as income to the household.

Gross monthly income Limit

“Gross monthly income” is the household’s income before any allowable deductions.

You must meet the gross monthly income limit for your household as shown in the table below in order to qualify for Texas SNAP.

For many households, the gross income eligibility limit is 130% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

Your gross income includes gross pay from work before your employer takes out taxes and other deductions.

You can locate your gross income on your pay stub.

See the table below for the gross income limit by household size.


For Texas SNAP eligibility purposes, if all members of a household are on cash welfare assistance, the household is eligible for Texas SNAP regardless of its gross or net income.

Furthermore, if any member of the household is elderly or disabled, there is no gross income test.

However, a household with an elderly or disabled person must still meet the net income limit.

Net monthly Income Limit

The net income of a household is the income after all allowable deductions have been subtracted.

In order to be approved for food stamps in Texas, you must meet the Texas SNAP net income eligibility standard.

The net income limit is 100% of the federal poverty guidelines.

Therefore, if your household’s net monthly income is more than the net income limit, you do not qualify for Texas SNAP.

See the table below for the net income limit by household size.

As you can see from the table below, to qualify for Texas SNAP, the gross and net incomes for a family of 4 must be at or below $2,871 and $2,209 respectively.

Texas SNAP Gross and Net Income Limits

Texas SNAP Income Eligibility Standards for Fiscal Year 2022
Effective October 1, 2021 – September 30, 2022
Household Size Texas SNAP Maximum Gross Monthly Income (130% of FPIG) Maximum Net Monthly Income (100% of FPIG) Maximum Gross Monthly Income for household with member age 60+ or disabled (165% of FPIG)
1 $1,396 $1,074 $1,771
2 $1,888 $1,452 $2,396
3 $2,379 $1,830 $3,020
4 $2,871 $2,209 $3,644
5 $3,363 $2,587 $4,268
6 $3,855 $2,965 $4,893
7 $4,347 $3,344 $5,517
8 $4,839 $3,722 $6,141
9 $5,331 $4,101 $6,766
10 $5,823 $4,480 $7,391
Each additional person $492 $379 $625

To arrive at your net income, you have to take your gross income and subtract allowable deductions.

Here are the deductions that are allowed.

Texas SNAP Allowable Deductions for 2022

To calculate your net monthly income, you must deduct approved household expenses. Here are the expenses that can be deducted from your household’s gross income:

If the eligible household size is … then the standard deduction is …
Three or less $177
Four $184
Five $215
Six or more $246

SNAP allowable deductions:

Here’s the list of expenses that can count as food stamps deductions.

  • Standard medical expense — $170 (minus $35)
  • Actual medical expense (minus $35)
  • Homeless shelter standard — $159.73
  • Maximum excess shelter — $597
  • Standard utility allowance — $367
  • Basic utility allowance — $345
  • Phone standard — $38

Step 3 – Calculate Texas SNAP Amount

To calculate Texas SNAP for a family of 4, we start with the maximum SNAP benefits by household size:

The table below shows the maximum allowable SNAP benefit amount by household size.

From the table, you can see that a household of 4 will get a maximum benefit of $835.

However, how much your household will get depends on your net income, as calculated using the instructions above.

If you know what your net income is, follow the instructions below to figure out how much your family of four will receive in Texas SNAP.

Household Size Maximum SNAP Benefit with
25% Increase
1 $250
2 $459
3 $658
4 $835
5 $992
6 $1,190
7 $1,316
8 $1,504
Each additional member (+$188)

First, multiply your net monthly income by 0.3 (30 percent).

Round up this amount to the nearest dollar.

Next, take this amount and subtract it from the maximum benefit level for a household of your size using the table above.

The result is the amount of your monthly benefits.

To illustrate this point, we are going to use an example of a family of four with a net monthly income of $1,400 a month.

To determine the family’s Texas SNAP benefits, take 30% of the “net income” (30% of $1,400) and subtract it from the maximum benefit, as follows:

$1,400 Net Income for Family in Example
x .30 (Multiply by 30%)
$420 Countable Income
$835 Maximum SNAP for 4 persons
-$420 Countable income (round up)
$415 Monthly SNAP benefits for the Example Family of 4

Therefore, in the example above, the family of 4 with a net income of $1,400 a month will get $415 a month in Texas SNAP Benefits.

How to Apply for Texas Food Stamps

"4 options to apply for Texas SNAP benefits"

There are four ways to apply for SNAP in Texas:

    • You can apply for Texas SNAP online at YourTexasBenefits.com.
    • If you do not have access to a computer or mobile device, you can call 2-1-1 (or 877-541-7905) and select Option 2 to apply by phone.
    • You can also apply for food stamps at a Texas Health and Human Services local office.
    • Additionally, you can download a Texas food stamps application, complete it, and mail it back to a local HHSC office.

You can also mail your application to:

HHSC, PO Box 149024,
Austin, TX 78714-9968

Households in which all members are either older adults (age 60 and older) or people with disabilities are eligible to participate in the Texas Simplified Application Project (TSAP).

To apply for emergency SNAP in Texas, visit an HHSC benefits office or call 2-1-1.

Texas SNAP Application FAQs

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Texas SNAP application process.

Can I get Texas SNAP Now?

If a household meets certain eligibility requirements, you will be able to receive SNAP
benefits within 24 hours.

This faster process is also called expedited SNAP.

To be approved for emergency SNAP in Texas, at least one of the following must be true for the household:

  • All members are migrant or seasonal farm workers, their liquid resources do not exceed
    $100, and they are deemed to be destitute;
  • Liquid resources total $100 or less and countable monthly gross income is less than
    $150; or
  • Combined monthly gross income and liquid resources are less than monthly shelter

No verification of citizenship, immigration status, income, resources, or expenses is necessary to
receive emergency SNAP benefits.

However, the household is still required to provide this information in order to continue receiving SNAP food benefits.

Once all household information has been verified by an HHSC caseworker, the amount of the SNAP benefits the household is receiving may change.

Is Texas SNAP Considered a Public Charge?

No. Texas SNAP benefits are NOT considered in a public charge test.

Also, Texas P-EBT is NOT considered in a public charge test.

Additionally, WIC, TEFAP, and home-delivered meals are NOT included in the public charge test.

What Food Can I Buy with a Texas EBT Card?

Your Texas Lone Star EBT card works like a debit card. You can use this card to buy food at most grocery stores.

At the checkout counter, swipe the card and enter a 4-digit PIN number to use your SNAP/food stamps to buy food.

You can buy any food product available at participating grocery stores (with the exception of prepared foods).

You can locate stores that accept Texas SNAP benefits online at Snap Retailer Locator.

Here’s what you can buy with Texas SNAP EBT:

  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Meat, poultry, and fish;
  • Dairy products;
  • Breads and cereals;
  • Other foods such as snack foods and non-alcoholic beverages; and
  • Seeds and plants, which produce food for the household to eat.

You CANNOT use Texas SNAP EBT benefits to buy:

  • Beer, wine, liquor, cigarettes, or tobacco
  • Vitamins, medicines, and supplements. If an item has a Supplement Facts label, it is considered a supplement and is not eligible for SNAP purchase.
  • Live animals (except shellfish, fish removed from water, and animals slaughtered prior to pick-up from the store).
  • Prepared Foods fit for immediate consumption
  • Hot foods
  • Any nonfood items such as:
    – Pet foods
    – Cleaning supplies, paper products, and other household supplies.
    – Hygiene items, cosmetics

What Documents Do I Need to Apply for Texas SNAP?

When Applying for benefits assistance in Texas, gathering the following documents and having them ready will help your application process move faster.

For each category of documents, we have listed the required forms or information that will be needed by the HHSC caseworker when reviewing your application.

Identity (proof of who you are)

Current driver’s license or Department of Public Safety ID card.

If a person has the right to act for you (as your authorized representative), that person also needs to give proof of identity.

Immigration status

Resident card (I-551), arrival/ departure form (I-94), or documents from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services.

The HHSC will need copies of the front and back of these forms.

Legal representative (a person who has the right to act for you on legal issues)

Power of attorney papers, guardianship order, court order, or similar court documents.

Veterans benefits, workers’ compensation, or unemployment

Award letter or pay stubs.

Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or pension benefits

Award letter or pay stubs.

Military service

Current Military ID (Form DD-2), military orders, or separation papers (Form DD-214).

Loans and gifts (this includes someone paying bills for you)

Loan agreements or a statement from the person giving you money or paying your bills.

You must show that person’s name, address, phone number, and signature.

Residence (proof you live in Texas)

Utility bill, driver’s license, Texas Department of Public Safety ID, rent receipt, letter from landlord (can’t be a relative).

SNAP application Specific Documents

In addition to the documents listed above, SNAP applicants also need the following documents:

Proof of income from your job

Last 3 pay stubs or paychecks, a statement from your employer, or self-employment records.

Bank accounts

The most current statement for all accounts.

Medical costs

Bills, receipts, or statements from health-care providers (doctors, hospitals, drug stores, etc.).

These items should show costs you have now and costs you expect in the future.

Rent or mortgage costs

Recent checks, check stubs, or statement from the mortgage bank or landlord. Renters also need to give the landlord’s name, address, and phone number.

Dependent care expenses

Receipts, canceled checks, or a signed statement from the person you pay. A signed statement must show when and how much you pay.

Child support anyone pays

Court papers that show what you must pay for child support. For example: divorce decree, court order, or district clerk record.

Child support anyone gets

District clerk record or a letter from the parent who pays showing how much, how often and the date it is usually paid.

The letter must have the name, address, phone number, and signature of the parent who pays.

Texas Food Stamps for a Family of 4

We hope this post on Texas Food Stamps for a Family of 4 was helpful.


If you have more questions about your EBT or SNAP Benefits, please let us know in the comments section below.

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